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Our NPTA's vision to go regional. A committee set up to accomplish our dream of having a regional headquarters.

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Send your children to school on Ash Wednesday!

Our children can only attain their maximum potential if they attend school every day.

Carnival celebrations, the greatest show on earth, is an annual national and cultural event and nothing is wrong with our children participating and spectating the event. Parents may use this opportunity to do other family activities with their children.

However, parents are advised that Ash Wednesday is a school day. Model the example for your children – dress them and send them to school. You are imparting a lifelong lesson to them: that their education time is of paramount importance and they must value this precious opportunity.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable carnival weekend and remember that your children are always looking at you for moral and ethical guidance.

Mrs. Raffiena Ali-Boodoosingh - NPTA President


The NPTA is a voluntary Organization whose motto “Home and School United For the Good of the Child”, Founded in 1960, it achieved legal status by an Act of Parliament - No 18 of 1976, With over 50 years experience as an advocate for children, the NPTA is well placed to voice your concerns about issues affecting children in education.




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