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Primary School Registration Forms Available

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The Ministry of Education wishes to announce the availability of the Primary Schools Registration Forms at all primary schools and Education District Offices. Standardised application forms for admission to First Year at schools (see attached) are available at the school and at the respective Education District Offices during NORMAL working hours and the Ministry’s website at from 14th February, 2018. All completed application forms must be submitted to the school for which the application has been made by 15th March, 2018. Parents/Guardians of successful applicants will be contacted by the school during the period 15th May to 31st May, 2018.

The Ministry emphasises that there must be no interview process and/or examination as criteria for admittance to a primary school. Principals wishing to utilise online registration may do so but must simultaneously ensure that paper copies of application forms are also available to prospective parents. Principals are also reminded that under no circumstances should a registration fee be charged to parents or any request for a contribution of cash or kind be imposed on any parent as conditions for acceptance of a child into a school.

The drive toward a strengthened collaboration between the Ministry and all stakeholders in Education is enforced through the efforts made in the preparation of this form. The Government continues to strive toward quality, access and equity in education to all students in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  •  Monday 26th February 2018

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