Committee Members

National Executive Members

Raffiena Ali-Boodoosingh

National - President

I am 60 years old Retired Primary School Principal Married. 2 children and 2grandchildren Educator for 41 years I will share my 25 years of knowledge and experience gained as a national officer with my team My leadership skills humility vision and passion will inspire my executive to serve well for the children of Trinidad and Tobago

Clarance Mendoza

National - 1st Vice President

Born at home, in the village of Penal. Study in Trinidad and North America, worked with Juveniles for over 20yrs. In North America, have been involved in P.T.A. both locally for 15 yrs. And internationally for 13yrs. At present, I'm the General Manager of a reputable company . However; I bring to the NPTA a wealth of Experience, knowledge and Understanding, to assist our nation on the rights of the child.

Kari-Ann Mejias

National - 2nd Vice President

I am a Working wife and mother of two; supported by a very dedicated and encouraging husband. For the past two years I am an active member in my daughter’s school PTA. This has intrigued me to serve at the National Level to passionately assist in restoring morality, discipline, and principles of self-esteem that exude positivity and accomplishment in overcoming School Life’s challenges in parents and children. My aim is to assist the parent in cultivating our youth’s God given talent, academically and holistically. I am willing to work relentlessly with the relevant Authorities to try and motivate our Nation’s teachers by coaching our youths to communicate with their teachers, parents, and elders, respectfully. Be minded that every child is one caring adult away from being a success story.

Denise Nelson-Frank

National - 3rd Vice President

A mother of three who has a very supportive husband. She is dedicated, determined, hardworking and focused. Currently she serves as the president of the Tobago Region PTA. She recommits herself to the PTA as she repeats the NPTA installation pledge with new executive members and is committed to serving well.

Ana Maria Jackson

National - Secretary


Patrice Mitchell-Drakes

National - 1st Assistant Secretary

I love to participate in ventures that bring great value to young people and need not to be recognized for fit. I am not allergic to working hard. Going out side the box is one my hobbies. I am still learning about me.

Jisselle John

National - 2nd Assistant Secretary

Although I am a new comer to the PTA having only been elected as the PTA Secretary at Macaualy Government Primary school in September, 2017 and as a National Officer of the NPTA in Novermber, I bring invaluable knowledge and expertise with respect to different learning styles that children possess as well as strategies that parents and even guardians can employ to improve student performance. I am deeply honoured to have been elected to serve at the National level with a team that is so diverse and resourceful and shares the same vision that the NPTA would like to accomplish for the organization and that is promoting the well-being of children everywhere by “Saving the World one Child at a Time.”

Keron Maurice

National - Public Relations Officer

Entrepreneur with a simple focus of making things more efficient. I believe that children are our future and that future should be crafted with them in mind. I give to the PTA all the skills at my disposal to make that future a reality.

Kelvin Ali

National - Treasurer

Current president of Caroni region PTA and former president of Couva West secondary PTA. I Kelvin Ali will give of my best to ensure the success of the organization.

Shawn Campbell

National - Education Officer

I am humbled to serve as the NPTA’s National Education officer, Co-ordinator on the Caroni region and Unit President of the Charlieville Presbyterian Primary School, where I use my networking abilities for the betterment of all, making a difference one child at a time.

Sharon Romain

National - Welfare Officer

From primary to secondary I have had supportive and encouraging teachers who demonstrated a genuine interest in my welfare. Consequently their positive attributes have in part been responsible for my success today. My mother, my ardent supporter, never miss a PTA meeting in St. Stephens College. I graduated from Kings College, London with qualifications in Nursing and Midwifery. I have been a senior educators and practitioner for the past 17 years. A vivid advocator for breastfeeding as it has many benefits for a solid foundation for all children. Healthy children produces a healthy community consequently positively impacting the nation and the world.

Zamina Hosein

National - Trustee 1


Kevin image

Kevin David

National - Trustee 2

Kevin David is the President of Port-of-Spain and Environs - the Lighthouse Region of the NPTA. He has a passion for youth and has worked as PRO on the NPTA Executive, President and previous Treasurer of Sacred Heart Boys' RC, where he has had the opportunity to work with and for the nation's children. Kevin David is a Software Developer by profession and has been able to use his skills to successfully generate new initiatives which led to increased participation of parents and teachers and has had the ability to streamline processes to the benefit of his region. He is a dad to three vibrant kids and his interests range from electronics and micro-processors to orchids and sustainable agriculture but he continues to collaborate with stakeholders towards effecting positive change in our schools and communities.