Land & Building

Welcome to the Engine Room

Please enjoy this introduction. We look forward to working with you in this venture.


These plans below suggest the direction we're thinking of going with our headquarters.


  • The land was surveyed Mr. Keith Scott in September of 1995, comprising of ( 0.1872 ha) Hectares or 20,000 Sq ft.
  • Deed made between former President A.N.R Robinson on behalf of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, and the N.P.T.A on the 12th Nov 1997.
  • Mr. Glenville Taitt former chairman in his letter dated July 25th 1997 to the then Prime Minister Patrick Manning, raised very relevant points, as the association continue the advancement of the land for its future headquarters.
  • In the association letter they also ask for a special grant of $500,000 TTD towards the construction of the proposed National Headquarters at Carlsen Field.
  • In October 1995 Mr.Taitt received correspondence from the National Insurance Property Development Co. which included copies of the floor plans and elevations of the named project. The estimated construction cost exclusive of fees was One Million, three hundred thousand dollars.

In a letter dated 16th. July 1994 to the NPTA. In which the state had agreed to grant a lease for a parcel of state land situated in Carlsen Field

The lease was for a term of (30) years with option to renew for a further term of thirty years. At an annual rental of $1,000.

However; the NPTA under the guidance of the then president Mr.Glenville Taitt wrote to the government in 1997 for the land issued to the PTA under a 30 year lease agreement to be change to ownership for the purpose of borrowing, which was granted.